Get Your NYC Home Ready in a Snap with Ely The Handyman! Small Fixes, Big Impact

Get Your NYC Home Ready in a Snap with Ely The Handyman! Small Fixes, Big Impact

Living in the vibrant energy of NYC is fantastic, but those charming apartments sometimes throw tiny curveballs. Loose doorknobs, creaky cabinets, wonky shelves – they might seem small, but they can add up to major frustration. Enter Ely the Handyman, your local handyman team specializing in quick fixes that make your Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, or Bronx home feel fabulous again!

  • Wrestling with IKEA furniture instructions? Let our assembly experts take the reins and get your new desk or bookshelf ready to shine.
  • Listening to that infuriating faucet drip? Our plumbing pros can swiftly silence the leak and restore serenity.
  • Living with a TV precariously perched on bricks? Expert TV mounting is our middle name, ensuring a safe and stylish viewing experience.
  • Ignoring that squeaky door that makes you cringe? We’ll make it swing silently and smoothly, banishing the embarrassing squeak forever.
  • Dealing with wobbly furniture that feels like it’s on a pirate ship? Our handy heroes will tighten those loose screws and bolts, bringing stability back to your home.
  • Dealing with minor electrical woes? We can handle light fixture replacements, outlet installations, and other small electrical tasks to keep your home buzzing happily.

Why Choose Ely The Handyman?

  • NYC experts: We understand the unique needs of each neighborhood and have tackled countless home quirks over the years.
  • Experienced and reliable: Our team is passionate about tackling those small fixes that make a big difference, and we always show up on time and treat your home with respect.
  • Affordable and transparent: We offer competitive rates and clear pricing breakdowns, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Quick and efficient: We understand that your time is valuable, so we’ll get your project done quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your busy life.




Ready to wave goodbye to those nagging little home issues?

Contact Ely The Handyman today for a free consultation! We’ll be happy to discuss your project and provide a quote.

We proudly serve the following areas:
  • Brooklyn: Park Slope, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Midwood, Flatbush, Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Prospect Heights
  • Queens: Long Island City, Astoria, Flushing, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights, Woodside
  • Manhattan: Chelsea, Soho, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, East Village
  • Bronx: Fordham, Riverdale, Kingsbridge
Don’t let small become big headaches. We’re here to help you reclaim your home’s happy, functional flow! Contact Us now